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Ski 360 Review

Ski360 is a Cable-Ski Park located at East Coast Park in Singapore.

Opening Hours of the cableway:

Monday - Thursday
10am - 10pm

Friday & Eve of Public Holidays
10am - Midnight

9am - Midnight

Sunday & Public Holidays
9am - 10pm

Phone: +65 6442 7318

Addrress: 1206A East Coast Parkway Singapore 449891

I tried it, and rather enjoyed it. Even when I am able to skateboard, water ski, jet ski, snowboard, cable skiing is deceptively hard!

What is Cable Skiing or Cable Wakeboarding?

Cable skiing or wakeboarding as its name implies, is waterskiing or wakeboarding where the participants are not pulled by a boat but by an overhead cable, very similar to a snow ski lift, but erected around the banks of a lake.

The speed that the cable travels is the same as the boat speed in tournament waterskiing and wakeboarding, with a top speed of 58 kph.
The cables runs counter clockwise around the lake and the participants are, very simply, hooked up to the cable on the move. It is powered by a variable speed electric motor that can maintain speed between 20 - 58 kph.

The obvious advantage to cableskiing is the dramatic reduction in the cost for the individual skier.

Participants are not restricted to wakeboarding and waterskiing - people of all ages and abilities can slalom, trick ski, kneeboard, or even surf without the wave. Up to 8 skiers or wakeboarders can participate at the same time on one cableway, with an average of 80-100 participants per day, which means that the economic aspect is guaranteed.

Well, after wakeboarding for 1 hour, I felt pretty ok, but when I reached home, I do feel aches on my forearms and shoulders. Apparently pulling on the handle is hard work, and it did work my muscles.

Even when I fall a lot, I was not hurt, and I felt that the whole setup was pretty safe and fun!


1 Hour - $32
2 Hours - $48
4 Hours - $70
8 Hours - $115
*1 Round - $7
Subsequent hour $16/hr (Rates apply only on purchase of 2 hours pass and above)

1 Hour - $42
2 Hours - $64
*1 Round - $9
Subsequent hour- $22/hr

Students enjoy $5 off usual hour passes upon presenting their student pass
*Student rates apply till 7pm not available for night skiing

There are also weekly and monthly rates that do not make business sense, and overall, I felt that their rates were pretty high.


The fees above include the rental of floatation jackets, helmet and water ski, knee board or wake board.

The condition of the equipment was rather poor, and all the equipment seemed very very well used, but heh... Its free.


The experience was pretty fun. I felt that the place was a little uncoordinated, and the staff were not very customer focused. At the ticket counter, some of the staff were quite confused when I gave them our discount coupons, and we had to wait 3 hours for a group currently there to finish.

For beginners, I felt that you spend a lot of time falling in the water, and there should actually be certain time of the day where they have "beginner course" where the cables run perhaps at a lower speed.

Getting people to watch a video and expecting them to be competent enough to go round and round is simply impossible. Most beginners spend time falling and not going around the course, and I think that if there are 2 locations where cables can be launched (at opposite sides of the lagoon) then more beginners can come on and fall!

Experts can go round 5 rounds before stopping, which makes it very worth their time, and perhaps more fun, but beginners simply fall and fall and fall. (well at least for me)

I would rate this location 4/10 for the price of $42 on the weekends as it is simply not value for money, and I could spend $42 on more fun things to do in Singapore. It is fun, but feels expensive in general. (Would rate higher if it was MUCH cheaper)

I hope the staff or the people could keep the equipment in better condition too as the poor condition of the condition does raise issues on whether the safety of the equipment is regularly checked, and it gives me the impression that everyone there simply does not care.

Still I had fun.

-- Robin Low

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