Monday, August 09, 2010

Rag Day and YOG Flame 2010

6 Aug 2010

The weather was warm, and I would say this is a perfect day for the arrival of the YOG Flame.

Since the 1980s, it has been a tradition to hold Rag Day after Flag Day as a celebration and a show of appreciation to the public for their bighearted donations. Stunning floats and impressive performances hit the SRC track on Rag Day, the day where the temperature and noise level in NUS rise to a staggering height as everyone gathers for our big party.

Rag Day is also famed for the dazzling parade of floats created by the Faculty Clubs and Halls of Residences. Each float is testimony of months of painstaking meticulous work, countless late nights and the strong bond and unbridled passion students have towards their respective clubs and halls.

Up till now, Rag Day has been confined within the grounds of Kent Ridge. Because the objective of Rag Day is to thank the public for their kind contributions on Flag Day, it is our wish to one day bring Rag Day out of campus and paint Singapore orange and blue with a striking show of the NUS spirit.

It was a fantastic day with exciting performances by the faculty and halls, and it is all for a good cause. Raising funds for the needy.

The performances are exciting with much acrobatics stunts and choreographed dances. The floats were creative and stunning, and all made from recycled materials.

The spectacular day ended with a speech by the president and the lighting of the YOG flame, and finished off with fireworks.

It was very enjoyable!

--Robin Low

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