Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kindle Fire -- 10 things I learn using it

I've read so many reviews about the Kindle Fire, and I am not going to review it, but rather, let you know what I've learn after using it and charging it for the second time.

1) This is a colored ebook reader, not really a replacement for your notebook. A tablet is still a tablet. If you think you can answer emails, write blogs and do actual work on this, you are kidding yourself. The keyboard is still crap. Don't throw away that notebook.

2) You get one month free Amazon Prime, and you get free ebook checkouts and videos to watch. When you activate your Kindle Fire, your free month starts immediately.

3) Android apps in the Amazon Appstore get Fire-optimized version. There are about 200,000+ apps in the android store and the Kindle app store only has 10,000. There is no Android app for the Kindle fire.

4) The Kindle Fire is able to download and store media locally. However after all being said and done, you only have 6GB to store on the memory of the Kindle Fire. You do get online storage on the Amazon cloud though. The kindle Fire uses Micro USB, and you can connect with your notebook to transfer files. Alternatively you can email it to yourself once you allow the email account to send you files.

5) Amazon claims 8 hours of battery use, however after my full charge, I watched 4 movies on Amazon prime and played around and download apps. (Yes, Wifi is on) I get about 6.5 hours left and the warning 15 mins left is now on. My screen is also on 65% brightness as I'm indoor all day. (And the 15 mins lasted 30 mins or more now, so 7 hour battery with wifi)

6) Amazon updates the kindle all the time! I left the wifi on, and I get updates several times now. It feels kinda invasive, however it is in the terms of service.

7) New Silk browser is still a mobile browser. It is indeed fast and smooth though. Has not crashed on me yet. I've watched Youtube videos on it fine as well.

8) There is only one button on the Kindle Fire. The power button. Everything else is on screen, in app buttons. This may be one of the reasons why some apps will need a rework on Kindle Fire.

9) If you stream everything, you will not even use much of the 6.5GB space in the Kindle Fire. Each app is about 20MB, and I installed about 100 apps, and I still have more than 6GB of space left. After loading in significant amount of ebooks, I have now slightly less than 6GB. I guess without music and video, 6.5GB may seem a lot.

10) Kindle Fire runs nook Apps. Yes, it does. Read here <-

-- Robin Low

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